Wednesday, December 26, 2007

iTunes Skip Algorithm

I use the Last Skipped date in several Smart Playlists in iTunes. However, a lot of songs that I think I skipped don't show up as having been skipped. I just skipped a bunch in iTunes and found that if you push next before 2 seconds have elapsed the track will not realize it has been skipped. I assume this is a feature in Apple's eye, and I don't really mind it... but I'd like to know the full algorithm. It appears there is also a boundary on the other end... if you let too much play it doesn't count as having been skipped.

Anyone know?

Friday, December 21, 2007


I loved this game in the 80s - Lemmings

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Glassbooth is a quiz that asks you your opinions on many presidential topics and that matches you up with the candidates based on their answers.

My results are:
1) Bill Richardson - 78%
2) Mike Gravel - 66%
3) Mike Huckabee - 65%

Other interesting results (for me):
Dennis Jucinich - 64%
Barack Obama 63%
Ron Paul - 60%

Most of the candidates were in the 61% range... with the lowest at 54%.

What did you get?

Engagement Bridge

Today Google released Street View for Boston and several other cities. Amy and I got engaged on a bridge near Harvard... here it is:

View Larger Map

To see the bridge located on a map, click here.

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