Sunday, November 25, 2007

24 Hour Fast

I am going to start a 24 Hour Fast on Wednesday nights... Basically, I won't eat between dinner Wednesday and dinner Thursday. Just water. It shouldn't be too hard for me... I haven't eaten yet today, and its already 4:30. Here is an NPR piece on fasting.

NPR : Retune the Body with a Partial Fast

And here is a WebMD link that Amy finds more useful.

Friday, November 16, 2007

3 Point Layup

This is a question that has bounced around in my head for 20+ years. The NBA 3 point line is (at it longest) 23 feet and 9 inches from the basket. The world record long jump is over 29 feet. See where I am going yet?

Wouldn't it be neat to see a long jump athlete use their ability to travel through the air to shorten a 3 point shot significantly... maybe to the point of a layup?

Ignoring the practicality of it for a second... what are the rules regarding this? The 3 point "shooter" has to jump from behind the 3 point line, but they don't have to shoot from behind it, right? Do they have to be in possession of the ball when they leave 3 point territory? Or could another player pass them the ball after they take off? Maybe a player could have it near the basket and pass it to the jumper as they near the basket. Does anyone know the rules regarding this?

For the record, the high school distance is 19 feet 9 inches, International distance is 20 feet 6 inches, and the college distance (starting this year) is 21 feet 9 inches.

Backcourt Violations

In the NBA the teams have 8 seconds to advance the ball over the half court line. If, after advancing the ball over the half court line the opponents tip it back over the half court line it is not a violation. This is where my question starts... does the offense have a new obligation to bring the ball back over the half court line in 8 more seconds? Or can they just stay in the backcourt until the shot clock runs out?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chicken Parmesan

Its no secret that we don't cook very much... but tonight we decided to - we made
Chicken Parmesan. It was pretty good, and not too hard.

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