Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calf Part 7

I wasn't planning on writing another Calf Update post - or if I did write one it was just going to say something like "I'm fine". Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Since my last update things had been improving significantly. I started playing once a week and building from there to 3-4 times / week. I still had some swelling after playing, but it was minimal and responded to icing, with no pain.

However, on approximately Christmas Day I woke up with a new pain in my calf. This is like the original pain, in that I first noticed it in the morning and it did not appear to be related to actually playing volleyball. This time the pain was approximately grape sized and located near the surface. At times it was so tender that I walked with a limp. I did play a few beach games in Florida on 12/27.

Next week we were visiting my parents in New York when the pain "migrated" to the inside of the upper ankle. Again, the pain was at its worst in the morning. It got quite painful and very swollen, to the point that it was definitely painful to walk. My Mom, a Physical Therapist, gave me a theraputic massage and it really helped... the swelling was way down, and the pain somewhat reduced.

As I write this I have pulled myself from all volleyball until January 17th, when we leave for our 9 day sand volleyball vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico. I am, obviously, really hoping that I will be able to participate in that.

Amy is quite concerned about my recent flare-up and I can't say I disagree. She has been reading up everything she can, and she is most worried about clots and other vein problems. I had an ultrasound and MRI back in August... and the diagnosis was a calf muscle tear. I can't say I ever really agreed with that diagnosis, but the Physical Therapy I went to for it really did make the leg feel better.

Anyway, long story short - what should I do now? Visit a new Primary Care Physician? Back to my Ortho? See a vascular specialist? Any advice is most welcome.


WSceptic said...

I don't have any advice. But i can say that i fractured my ankle once playing wallyball and went to the clinic here. the doctor just looked at it and told me it was a sprain. So i wore a brace and played on. About 8 months later i was playing and came down on someone's foot (on my side of the net i hope) and i felt a pop. I crawled out of the court and when home the only thing that made it feel better was traction. that didn't seem good. So i went tot the clinic again and saw my regular physician. He ordered an x-ray. He said it looked like i had a small fracture in my ankle that had been healing - argh - but that my new injury was probably a separated muscle. I nursed that for a year. The worst part was the occasional massive cramps in the calf as it healed.

Sorry you're off the court for a while. I just got home from some games tonight. Have a great trip!

Toph said...

Thanks... I do cramp up a lot too... forgot to mention that.

Anonymous said...

Chris-as you know I had a blood clot in my leg this summer. It started with a feeling like a muscle pull & I didn't remember ever having a moment playing when I felt injured. Then severe swelling & pain & finally numbness in my foot. An ultrasound is the only way to rule out a blood clot and if you have any similar symptoms do not hesitate to go the ER and request an ultrasound! Take Care! Amy Allen

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