Saturday, January 24, 2009

Calf Part 9

Here is an update from sunny Mexico...

On January 15th I saw a new general practitioner... I had been meaning to get a new primary care doctor, and I thought it best to start there with my recurring leg problems. He basically said I could get another ultrasound, but, don't worry too much unless the swelling gets much worse or the problems spread.

On Saturday, January 17th I started to play sand volleyball on the beach here in Mexico. It caused me no major problems until shortly after a clinic on Thursday, January 22, at which time I could feel the swelling going in full force.

I did not play again until Saturday afternoon. I was able to play at about 75% normal speed and force - not too bad. I taped my ankle and wore a brace, not too bad overall. A couple hours after playing, however, I noticed a knot in my calf in my left leg (all the previous problems have been in the right leg). This is not good - all the previous doctors I spoke to had said how encouraging it was that I had no symptoms in the other leg. I also had some pain in the left foot, heel & arch. I will certainly be paying attention to how this progresses... and I am planning on skipping the upcoming Sunday matches.

Another point of concern - I have been experiencing some mild numbness in my fingers this week. Also, Amy noticed that my hands were cold this afternoon, compared to hers - that's odd because usually mine are warmer.

It all seems to be pointing to some circulatory issue... but I'd rather let the experts weigh in and make that diagnosis. While in Mexico I've had the opportunity to speak to a few people with relevant experience... a couple of them have said they'll tell my story to some experts back home and get back to me. I am optimistic something will come of these discussions.

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