Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calf Part 8

I played volleyball this week on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday was indoor hard court, and Thursday was indoor sand. My ankle (and the rest of the leg) actually felt better on Wednesday then it did on Tuesday, so, I guess playing didn't hurt it. It feels pretty good right now, shortly after playing on it on Thursday - so, I'm very optimistic that I'll be ok for Ixtapa - where I'll be playing volleyball in about 40 hours!

I went to a new general practitioner doctor today. I liked him a lot - he'll probably be my new Primary Care Physician. Even though he was running late when the appointment started I felt he spent a while to get to know my and my story, which goes a long way with me. Beyond that, he didn't actually offer any new advice that varies from what I've already heard. Basically his theory is: something happened back in August, there is blood pooling in the leg as a result, it is not leaving as fast as I'd like, it probably doesn't hurt to play volleyball when I'm pain free. There is a possibility that there is a clot in there, but, it is not very likely since this has been going on for a while now with no major problems.

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